Local Evangelism

Through consistent Bible teaching and prayer, we encourage all our members to be involved in their communities building relationships in order to reach people with the Gospel of Christ.  We offer special training classes throughout the year using tools like Evangelism Explosion (www.eeinternational.org), The Way of the Master (www.wayofthemaster.com), Christianity Explained (www.christianityexplained.com), and others to help people understand the gospel more fully so they may share it more accurately.  Ultimately, we desire our members to be comfortable inviting their friends and neighbors to church where they will both hear the gospel preached and see the gospel lived through the mutual love of the congregation.

World Missions

Every week, we select a country from Operation World (www.gmi.org/ow) and encourage our members to pray for both the church in that country and the spread of the Gospel.  In addition to this we support missionaries both in our own country and throughout the world.