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I hope you find us to be a warm and welcoming congregation. We exist to bring glory to God through the proclamation and living out of the Gospel. For more info on what to expect on Sunday morning, check below.

Thoughts of Grace – 11/6/16

Posted by Doug Mixer on Sunday, November 6, 2016

What to Expect

Jonathan Edwards, in his work The End for Which God Created the World, wrote, “God’s praise is the end of the work of redemption. In Ephesians 1, where that work in its various parts is particularly insisted on and set forth in its exceeding glory, this is mentioned from time to time as the great end of all, that it should be ‘to the praise of his glory’.”

The church, as God’s primary focus in the work of redemption, exists for the purpose of glorifyig God. Everything we do as a congregation and individually is to be “to the praise of the glory of His grace” (Eph. 1:6). Although all of our activities as a church fall under this category, some are more conducive to corporate exaltation of God. Because our primary purpose is to glorify God, our Sunday Worship Service focuses on the exaltation of God through the worship of His people.


You can expect the music in our worship service to be Bible-saturated, with a mixture of hymns from the 1600’s up through modern doctrinally rich worship choruses. We utilize a modern worship band and emphasize congregational singing.


In both our Sunday morning service and our Tuesday evening discipleship time, we emphasize biblically-based prayer. Every Sunday, we offer prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and also prayer with a mission’s focus during our worship service. Tuesday evening we pray for each other as well as for the ministry of the church.


The preaching is primarily handled by our pastor, Douglas Mixer, with occasional sermons from one of our other elders. We believe in expositional preaching, in that we seek to expose the meaning and application of the text to the congregation. Our sermons usually last between 40-50 minutes.