Amos 1-9 – God’s Concern for His Creation

Amos 1-9 – God’s Concern for His Creation

GraceNotes – October 27, 2019

Injustice seems to be rampant in our world. We have a long history of those who have power oppressing those who don’t. Nations rise and fall, and all of them are full of not only idolatry, but also greed, abuse, oppression, and injustice. Israel was no different. And God sent Amos to confront them for their sin and their refusal to repent. In so doing, God showed two major aspects of His character as the Judge of His Creation – He is both a just judge and, thankfully for us, a merciful judge

As we think through the 9 chapters of Amos, there is a LOT to digest. God takes Israel to task for their abuse of others, for their idolatrous religion and for their rejection of His Word. AND THESE WERE GOD’S PEOPLE!!!

It’s easy for us some times to look at these things and think, “Those terrible Israelites. How could they be so stupid?” But, I want you to slow down and look at your own life, not just our society, but your life. Are you guilty of the same types of things? Have you ignored injustice when you had an opportunity to change things? Have you felt superior to the beggar on the street corner when you could have helped instead? Have you pretended to be religious when your heart was far from God? Have you failed to pay attention to what God has to say in His Word when it makes you uncomfortable?

All of these things are probably true of most church members today. And God is a just judge. But, thankfully, God is also a merciful judge. He has poured out His just wrath on His Son in the place of all those who have believed in Him. When we repent (turn) from our sins and come to Him in faith, we are forgiven and welcomed by Him! There is grace for those under the righteous judgment of God!

So, as you go through this week and possibly contemplate the message of Amos, think about two things: 1) Thank God for His grace in forgiving those of us who, though guilty, have been covered by the blood of His Son. 2) Consider how you, as a forgiven sinner, should be as concerned for the plight of others as your God is. And what can you do about it? Go do it.